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Member Update

The TL;DR Summary of Our Latest Myth-Busting Campaign? Surprisingly, women (vs. men) converted at an astounding rate. Of the women that went to the landing page, 18% clicked to register for a vaccine, 800% above the campaign average Based on both the marketing and brand lift study results, we believe that a mix of static and short videos was a winning combination Our myth-busting campaign was well, just that – a bust. More information

Glimpses of Madagascar life through the eyes of young women. More information

The Power of Authenticity

The TL;DR Summary? Of all the trusted messenger ads CARE USA ran in 2021, these were the least scripted and might be considered the “softest” direct call to action to get vaccinated. The “soft” ask was a home run when it came to Communication Metrics, leading to top performance among many of our key performance indicators (KPIs) Interestingly, this female-centric creative seemed to resonate the strongest with males.

The TL;DR Summary? For this campaign, CARE thought about how to further use geographic data to reach vaccine hesitant populations. Read below to learn how we tapped into additional data sources to further hone this campaign. This campaign generated similar results to the Faith Leader campaigns we ran over the summer. And, while we were never able to replicate the phenomenal performance of our first campaign that incorporated Faith Leaders, it’s clear that they are strong “trusted messengers” in the USA. We’re still learning. What might we learn if we test it as a tool to scale change in knowledge, attitude and behavior related to gender justice, climate, economic development, foreign aid, or poverty itself? More information

When COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain to devastating effects, Marlita Tenorio Gonzales pivoted her business model to stay afloat. More information


This is the story of Marina’s leadership, compassion, and innovation. Marina is a 74- year-old farmer in San José de los Molinos, Ica. She began participating in the She Feeds the World Peru program in late 2019 – just a few months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in the face of economic uncertainty and challenges like isolation, Marina recognized a need in her community and connected with other women farmers in a new virtual way through Facebook by building community, conveying solidarity, and sharing the farming knowledge she learned through She Feeds the World. More information

Marina is a 74-year-old farmer in Peru participating in the She Feeds the World Peru program.
Yesenia Espinoza / CARE Peru