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In the community of Cite Soleil, Haiti where violence reigns, World Hope continues to serve children by providing access to safe, quality education. More information


Urmila’s journey toward a career wasn’t as straightforward as she hoped. She moved to a city seeking more job opportunities, but since she didn’t have much professional experience, she was often turned away. But Urmila didn’t give up. She kept looking for safe and reliable work, and eventually heard about an initiative that helps young women become teachers — a program run in collaboration with Plan International. More information


In coordination with the US Southern Command and host-nation civil military authorities, Team Rubicon (TR) will be participating in the Resolute Sentinel, a series of humanitarian assistance exercises taking place throughout Guatemala between May and August, providing mobile medical support and capacity building to vulnerable communities. Certified as a WHO Type 1 Mobile Emergency Medical Team, TR personnel will be essential in providing medical aid to communities in three Guatemalan regions, including San Benito, San Andreas/San Jose, and El Melchor de Mencos. This will be the third year that TR has participated in the Resolute Sentinel.


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