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In close partnership with the traditional Islamic community of Medina Gounass and its religious leaders, FHI 360’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Passerelles team works to build gateways to high-quality, relevant education for girls and other young learners in Senegal. The partnership works with “daaras” (Quranic schools), or informal schools, to formalize education and provide specialized training to teachers, teacher coaches and inspectors, with the goal of creating safer and engaging learning environments that motivate students to advance in their studies. Learn more.


As the ongoing crisis in Haiti continues to escalate, Fonkoze’s team on the ground has remained steadfast. The past few months have seen fuel shortages, gang violence, and socio-political unrest. The lack of fuel has meant that some of Fonkoze's branches are down to their reserves, and reaching rural clients has become increasingly complex and dangerous. Despite the challenges, Fonkoze's teams are finding ways to serve families. For example, Chemin Lavi Miyo (CLM), Fonkoze’s empowering program for ultra-poor households, continues to provide intensive support and guidance to ultra-poor families, with 94% of CLM members graduating from the program in 2021. Learn more


Beginning in August 2022, Team Rubicon (TR) has been implementing a Practical Trauma Training program in Ukraine. The objective of this program is to expand specialized medical capacity within the Ukrainian healthcare system as it relates to conflict and emergency medicine to reduce potentially preventable morbidity and mortality, alleviate suffering, and to maintain human dignity during this time of war. This program provides training in six topics, including Whole Blood Transfusion, Stop the Bleed, Blast Injuries with Basic First Aid Field Trauma, Pre-hospital Care: Triage and Shock Management, Point of Care Ultrasound, and Treatment of Chemical Exposures. As of September 27, TR has trained 1,138 unique individuals, across 42 trainings, ranging from doctors, paramedics, nurses, hospital administrators, and other professions. TR is set to complete trainings on October 7, 2022.


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