Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR)

The FAQR examines the nutritional needs of beneficiary populations and the nutrition quality of four different supplementary foods to assess effectiveness and cost-effectiveness for prevention of moderate acute malnutrition and stunting in Burkina Faso. These foods include Corn-Soy Blend Plus, CSB14, Supercereal Plus, and Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF).


The study will compare the effectiveness of the four different supplementary foods, along side the distribution of fortified vegetable oil and pulses to beneficiary women, children, and households in the area of intervention. It will also identify Health and Nutrition Promoters and community grandmothers, along with Care Groups and health care workers helping the enrolled beneficiary mothers and targeted children. The FAQR will develop appropriate behavioral messages related to each of the food types, examine how these messages are delivered through Care Groups, health care workers, and others helping beneficiary mothers, and reinforce information on nutritional supplements.


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