USDA El Salvador Coffee Rehabilitation and Agriculture Diversification Program

The El Salvador Coffee Rehabilitation and Agriculture Diversification Program will increase the productivity of the coffee value chain through improving agricultural techniques and technologies for coffee and diversified products, building the capacity of government institutions and producer organizations/cooperatives, and increasing access to financing and improved inputs. The project will expand trade of agricultural products by increasing the value of post-harvest products and access to markets through improved quality, increased efficiency, and improved marketing and market linkages. The project will work with 7,500 producers, 50 producer organizations and cooperatives, government agencies and private sector actors in Apaneca-Ilamatepec, El Balsalamo Quezaltepeque, Tecapa Chinameca, Cacahuatique, Chinchontepec, and Alotpec-Metapan.


The project has 9 main components: 1) capacity building training for government institutions, 2) capacity building training for cooperatives/producer organizations, 3) facilitating agricultural lending, 4) providing in-kind grants for agricultural inputs, 5) developing agrodealers and other input suppliers, 6) facilitating buyer-seller relationships, 7) facilitating private and public partnerships, 8) training in improved agricultural production techniques, and 9) training in improved marketing and branding.


  • El Salvador>La Libertad
  • El Salvador>Usulutan


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
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