Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Bags

The PICS Bags project in Uganda trains farmers in the use of triple layer crop storage sacks and finds local agribusiness dealers to supply them to the farmers. Purdue University partnered with NCBA CLUSA to pilot the introduction of PICS bags in the Kiryandongo, Apac, and Dokolo districts in February 2014 to March 2015. During the pilot project, farmers were taken through a series of awareness sessions and educational demos to create awareness about the bags and how to use them effectively. In the awareness sessions, volunteer farmers were selected from farmer groups at the village level to store crop grain of their choice in PICS bags for a period of at least 4 months after which the bags were opened during Open Bag Ceremonies (OBCs) for the farming community to witness the performance of the grain’s quality after being stored in PICS bags versus traditional bags. Following this successful pilot phase of the project in Uganda, Purdue University in partnership with NCBA CLUSA is planning to scale out PICS 3 across 21 districts in Uganda.


Conduct 3,200 mass awareness sessions at the village level; Conduct 3,200 demonstrations at the village level in the major production areas; Conduct 3,200 monthly follow ups on all the demonstrations conducted; Conduct 3,200 Open Bag Ceremonies (OBCs) for all the demonstrations established; Work with the media consultant to ensure accurate and complete PICS messages are relayed through media houses; Support access to the PICS technology through working with the Ugandan based business consultant and selected agro input suppliers in regions of operation.


  • Uganda>Apac
  • Uganda>Dokolo
  • Uganda>Oyam
  • Uganda>Masindi


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