Cooperative Water and Sanitation for Health (CoopWASH)

With a $750,000 grant from Starbucks Foundation, NCBA CLUSA will support coffee farmer livelihoods by providing clean, abundant and accessible water to 25,000 people in 90 Arabica coffee-producing villages in Sumatra, Indonesia. CoopWASH will install gravity-fed and deep-well water systems that are expected to provide new sources of water for 80 percent of community members and reduce the workload of women and girls by 75 percent. CoopWASH will significantly increase the amount of household water available for drinking, cooking, hand- and dishwashing, sanitation and coffee pulping. The project will also provide health clinics and schools in the region with clean water sources.


Project activities include mobilizing water management committees (WMC), developing and disseminating ToRs for WMCs, developing community water management plans, designing water systems, constructing and maintaining water systems, developing outreach strategies and training materials, and conducting outreach and training in local schools, community centers, and clinics.

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NCBA CLUSA has been active in Southeast Asia since 1976, when the organization opened an office in Indonesia at the request of the country’s president and the Indonesian cooperative movement. Since then, NCBA CLUSA has used cooperatives to drive job creation and an increase in producer incomes, market viability and sales. Between 2005 and 2010, NCBA CLUSA helped rehabilitate thousands of farms destroyed by the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and tsunami. NCBA CLUSA, Cooperative Business International (CBI), the Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan (KBQB) Cooperative and the cohort’s coffee customers, among them Starbucks, also rebuilt dozens of rural water collection and distribution systems after the earthquake. NCBA CLUSA started working with Starbucks in 1994 in East Timor, and then expanded to Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1997 and Sumatra in 1999. Working together, NCBA CLUSA, CBI and their assisted cooperative groups have become one of Starbucks' major suppliers worldwide.


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