Conservation Agriculture Promotion (PROMAC)

The goal of this project is to contribute to the long-term sustainable increase of food security and farmer incomes in Mozambique through the adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) practices. CA practices will be promoted through an integrated and systematic approach, building on existing successes and lessons learned both at the national and regional levels. PROMAC emphasizes women’s participation in all program aspects, including supporting land tenure resolution through land registration; providing literacy, numeracy, health and nutrition training; and improving value-chain efficiency through the organization of farmers into formal and informal groups.

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Expand adoption of conservation agriculture by creating a farmer based extension and technology dissemination system. The program will train 1,200 lead farmers and 30 extension agents, who will train an additional 30,000 farmers; Increase the adoption of CA practices by at least 50% of targeted smallholder farmers, on 0.5 hectares of land and adoption of CA practices by at least 50% of targeted emerging farmers, on at least 5.0 hectares of their land; Increase availability of CA-specific goods and services from service providers, through commissioned community based farmer agents to smallholder farmers in target areas; Increase profitability of CA crops by 25% in gross margins, as compared to conventionally cultivated crops; and Enhance local investment and economic growth and improved management of natural resources by securing land tenure rights of 14,600 farmers and providing Functional Basic Adult Literacy Education to 14,000 farmers.

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NCBA CLUSA celebrated its 20th anniversary working in Mozambique in 2015.

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Women, land tenure, literacy, health & nutrition


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