Taking an Innovative Cooperative Approach to Food Security and Trade (CDP III)

Through USAID's Cooperative Development Program (CDP), NCBA CLUSA works to strengthen the capacity of local organizations to carry out activities that build and strengthen cooperative systems in their own countries in order to improve their quality of life. NCBA CLUSA began this USAID-funded CDP III initiative, Taking an Innovative Cooperative Approach to Food Security and Trade, in 2010 and is focusing on Kenya, Mozambique, Guatemala, and the region of Central America, to address issues of food security and trade within the cooperative context.

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CDP III in Kenya addresses food security, nutrition of mothers and children under five years, formation and strengthening of farmers’ groups and cooperatives, and good governance. CDP III in Guatemala focuses on improving nutritional food security and income-generation for rural families through coffee, horticulture and artisan value chains, and improving the governance and financial management of cooperatives, organizations and/or producer groups. CDP III in Mozambique builds off of previous program successes, particularly in regard to the cooperative law and the development of the local cooperative trade association, AMPCM. NCBA CLUSA aims to draft cooperative tax law and present it to the Ministry of Affairs to get it passed into formal law. The project will also strengthen AMPCM’s organizational capacity, invest in efforts to make them more professional, and improve the services they offer to their growing membership. The fourth component of CDP III is the cooperative trade program, which links smallholder farmer cooperatives to US cooperative grocers to promote trade. This effort requires both technical support and training on the production side and education and marketing on the consumption side.

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food security, trade


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  • Guatemala>Quetzaltenango
  • Guatemala>San Marcos
  • Kenya


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