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Our overall goal is to help rebuild a better, more effective, and more sustainable community health system in Haiti, focusing initially on our base in the Leogane district, specifically, the commune of Petit-Goâve. The purpose of this project within the over-all program is to build the capacities of community health providers such as traditional birth attendants (TBAs) to fulfill their roles and responsibilities related to the above-mentioned strategies. Training Health Providers: A core of health providers already exists in the Petit-Goâve commune – a total of 21 CHWs (community health workers) and 61 TBAs who have been trained, supported and updated by GHA with varying degrees of support from local partners. Working in partnership with other on-the-ground organizations, GHA will support their work as community-based health educators and health providers. That on-going support will include continuing education during regular monthly meetings and additional week-long refresher training workshops on key topics such as maternal and child health, recognizing danger symptoms in pregnant women and safe delivery methods.


Specific to this project, there will be 10 TBA meetings, involving 64 TBAs in total. There will be two week-long continuing education sessions on topics related to maternal and child health (64 TBAs will be split into two groups, each participating in one week-long session) led by experienced Haitian trainers and supervisors. Providing primary care: GHA will continue to equip and support the TBAs to provide home-based pre-natal care, delivery, and post-natal care in their rural communities. They will also refer women to clinics and hospitals when there are pregnancy danger signs. TBAs will provide on-going care to pregnant women in their communities. On average, each TBA will deliver 24-30 babies a year.


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