Dagoretti Children in Need Project

Dagoretti is a peri-urban division of Nairobi, Kenya that has a large number of children living on the streets. Among the reasons for this is the high prevalence of untreated cases of HIV/AIDS that leaves many children orphaned and vulnerable. Through support from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNICEF, Plan International and World Vision, Amref Health Africa's Dagoretti Children in Need Project aims to improve the health and living conditions of vulnerable children in Dagoretti through strengthening a community based child protection system.


With its local partners and community members of Dagoretti, Amref Health Africa: 1. Facilitates sustainable community-based rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of children in vulnerable circumstances. 2. Facilitates access to education for vulnerable children. 3. Strengthens the capacity of child protection agents and agencies. 4. Strengthens community based child protection structures by awareness creation, training and advocacy in community leaders, teachers, community health workers and police officers. 5. Increases access to basic health services and information for children and adolescents in vulnerable circumstances through provision of medical care, mental health services, health information and development of sustainable urban food security models.

Cross-cutting issues

Child health, Child rights, Youth empowerment


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