Palestinian Health Capacity Project

The Palestinian Health Capacity Project focuses on local capacity-building and technical assistance using an inclusive approach that brings stakeholders together to solve problems and achieve high standards of health care in West Bank/Gaza. The program goal is to build capacity within the Ministry of Health at strategic, policy, and implementation levels, concentrating on governance, planning, deployment, education, and professionalization of the health workforce and its various cadres.


The five closely-linked objectives of the project are to: 1. Strengthen MOH governance capacity to serve as the steward of the health sector 2. Strengthen the capacity of the MOH to assess, plan for, and recruit the health workforce 3. Improve the deployment, utilization, management, and retention of the health workforce 4. Improve preservice education (PSE) and in-service training (IST) 5. Develop and implement a mechanism for licensing.


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