Community Center “Casa de los Niños de Tezonapa”

Through its “Creating Shared Value” area, Nestlé México negotiated with ChildFund México to open a Community Center in Tezonapa to support coffee growers’ children in this area through health and educational programs. The Center is the administrative base for all the programs and activities that ChildFund conducts in the region, and the programs are implemented directly in each of the 17 communities currently enrolled (total: 1,700 affiliated children). At the beginning, the Community Center worked only with infants and children (0 to 12 years old), and as the first children affiliated grew into adolescence, a youth program was launched in 2010. Year after year, the annual working plan has been sharpened to fit the population’s needs as well as the shared priorities of Childfund and Nestlé.


- NUTRIJUGANDO (“nutri-playing”): nutritional monitoring and treatment of anemia, obesity, malnutrition - MEDICAL CONSULTATION AND DENTISTRY - Prevention, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health - ECD (Early Child Development) - SUMA-T, TRAZOS MAGICOS: programs aimed at improving scores in mathematics and Spanish (for low-achieving children) - LEER PARA TRANSFORMAR (reading to transform): promoting the reading habit at every life stage - ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: disaster risk reduction, recycling activities, reforestation - LUDOTECAS: playrooms - INTEL-APRENDER: training in computer programming - RADIO COMUNITARIA: community radio - FAMIEMPRESA (family company): training activities for developing productive projects - online high school for 37 teens

Cross-cutting issues

Gender, nutrition, children’s rights


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