One Village Transformed (OVT) Azanga

The project aims to induce long-term changes for the communities in the village as follows, firstly; through the promotion of basic education for children and adult literacy and numeracy skills. In order to build community resilience to natural disasters, to reduce poverty and their dependency on external aid, the project will seek to empower the community through training programs targeting the different cadre of leadership within the village who in turn will lead their communities in coping and solving inherent challenges. Among other things, the project will seek to address the serious problems on hygiene and sanitation diseases by establishing sources of clean drinking water, empower the water committees to man and care for the water points, and encourage communities to improve the quality in collaboration with the local authorities in water and sanitation.


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Education
  • Protection
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
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