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One of the challenges in addressing systemic poverty and inequality is the limitation of not being able to be everywhere. Radio, however, enables community-led outreach and programming to extend right into the privacy of people’s homes or into their commutes and travels, to build hope and promote a better way of living that audiences can choose to tune into at will. Radio can also be a powerful voice for reducing discrimination against minorities as well as persons living with disabilities and other marginalized groups. That’s why World Hope is launching a Christian radio station based in the center of Sierra Leone. Called “Voice of Salvation,” the station will provide faith-based content while leveraging paid commercial programming to become self-sustaining and utilizing the Gender Sensitive Indicators for Media’ (GSIM). The station will also serve as a regional resource for reaching the rural communities and several surrounding cities with important information and messaging related to anti-human trafficking or gender-based violence, health and hygiene, diversity and inclusion, and more. According to the United Nations, radio is “a low-cost medium specifically suited to reaching remote communities and vulnerable people, offering a platform to intervene in the public debate, irrespective of people’s educational level. It also plays a crucial role in emergency communication and disaster relief.”


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