One Village Transformed (OVT) - Kumbi

This project aims to increase household resilience through the reduction of household vulnerabilities to future impacts of hazards such as drought and floods which result in food insecurity as well as loss of life, household assets and nutrition-related diseases. In addition, it will establish firm community development foundations that will enable the community to be self-reliant through the adoption of sustainable development initiatives. The project will also ensure that available resources are maximally used for the community development in ensuring sustainable community development. The project will strengthen the local leadership structures through community leadership trainings and empower the community on economic development initiatives such as village savings groups (Accumulative Saving and Credit Association’s). The project will therefore build the local capacity, facilitating the community to implement their own transformational development initiatives.


  • Kenya>Tana River


  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
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