Nigeria E-WASH

Social mobilization is the glue that binds advocacy to planned and researched program communication. Through a combination of State Learning Alliances for Urban Water (SLAUWs) and support to existing national coordination mechanisms, the E-WASH Consortium will engage multi-sectoral stakeholders in forums in which good practices and lessons learned in the sector would be shared and concerns would be addressed. State-level Project staff in each SWB would lead the transparent formation and facilitation of the SLAUWs, while professionals in the main Project office would provide support to USAID’s facilitation of national-level partners and organizations. The E-WASH Consortium will begin by characterizing the operations of existing national committees, consultative groups, and round tables before considering the viability of a single National Learning Alliance for Urban Water (NLAUW) as a mechanism for establishing robust, and coordinated, sector bodies at the state and national levels.


  • Nigeria


  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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