OVT Kuac South, Aluelweng

This is going to be a partnership with the Aluelweng village community. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life of the community in Aluelweng through facilitating holistic transformation of individual members of the community, by seeking to reach out to them with compassion in a country faced with crisis due to conflict, insufficient inputs and climatic shocks. At the end of the project, a transformed and empowered community will be enabled to tear down the cycle of physical, social and spiritual poverty. The project will focus on improving relationships in the families and society, and increase their understanding of the link between such relationships and impact on their deteriorating physical and socio-economic environment. The project will serve to enhance the quality of life of the people to withstand disasters, ease effects of extreme economic hardship and adverse weather conditions through promoting health support practices, increase access to food through agricultural support, household incomes and other sources of food and income at household level through villages’ savings groups. World Concern will seek to build the capacity of the leaders, in order to promote unity, allow for resource mobilization, allocation and effective community participation.


  • South Sudan


  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution/Peace and Security
  • Social Services
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