Continued Construction and Operation of the EcoVillage School, and Well Repair in the EcoVillages

This grant will support (i) construction at the EcoVillage School of one more classroom; (ii) the continued operation of the school, which includes the cost of staff salaries, food, and supplies; and (iii) the construction/repair of wells in EcoVillages 2 and 5, neither of which currently delivers potable water. Likewise, MPP will continue its efforts to get the school certified by the Ministry of Education, and deliver to UUSC and ACG a clear plan related thereto. Budget breakdown: Water in Village 2: $14,668.00 Water in Village 5: $22,650.00 School Operating Costs: $23,345 School Construction Costs: $26,508 TOTAL: $87,500.00


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