Expanding Outreach for ICE-Free Zones

Following the divisive and racist rhetoric of candidate Donald Trump, a year into his presidency he has further whipped up anti-immigrant fervor that could lead to extreme legislation or as we’ve seen in other cases across the country, vigilantism. Our members are concerned due the federal policies to increase raids, arrests, and deportations taking place anywhere at any time. GLAHR will target local and municipal ordinances, pieces of legislation that could impact communities of color, and will continue to push for dismantling federal programs that target undocumented immigrants from two fronts: grassroots community organizing and collaborative efforts. Funds will be used for: a) Expand ICE-FREE ZONE (community based Know Your Rights program) as a statewide campaign, as a proactive response to ICE raids and home arrests. b) Extend ICE-FREE ZONE into our local business, so we can invigorate a culture of resistance against deportations. b) Strengthen our rapid response work statewide against hate and criminalization of immigrant communities by fortifying our existing Neighborhood Committees (Comités Populares). c) Organize people’s assemblies that would help to generate grassroots strategies, educate and mobilize to protect communities from local law enforcement's racial profiling, raids, deportations and potential state anti-immigrant policies; and to promote the urgency of intersection work. d) Alliance Building: Engage partners in the Georgia #Not1More campaign to collaboratively advocate against criminalization, promoting Sanctuary Policy and discrimination of people of color, BLM, LGBTQ communities creating safe spaces. e) To continue with our Expanded Sanctuary Campaign to support immigrants in need and involving faith and progressive groups to halt white supremacy policies. f) Calls to action (Press releases, Rallies, Vigils) to denounce POLICE/ICE collaborations, racism, civil rights abuses, raids and racial profiling.


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