Tilalt Tamadrak: Support to Youth

The Tilalt Tamadrak: Support to Youth project is intended to ensure the economic inclusion of 350 young people and 300 women through the creation of agricultural micro-enterprises and trades in the Agadez and Dabaga communities. The project will support young people and women's access to economic opportunities through the development of agro-forest-pastoral potential and diversification of economic activities. This will be achieved through the implementation of 3 specific objectives which are: 1. Support 450 producers (200 and 300 women members of 15 women's groups) in Agadez and Dabaga communities in introduction to agropastoral activities, contributing to the strengthening and/or creation of agricultural micro-businesses. 2. Support 150 youth of Commons of Agadez and Dabaga with professional and technical skills to implement viable micro-enterprises. 3. Youth and women entrepreneurs of Agadez and Dabaga communities access to markets.


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