COMMON (Community-Oriented Multi-sector Mechanism on Nutrition)

Action Against Hunger will enact an integrated multi-sectoral project in the areas of nutrition, gender equality, water sanitation and hygiene, and food security and livelihoods, to be delivered in four phases. It will contribute to improving the nutritional resilience of the population, with special attention to women and children under 5 years of age, in Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. Within the framework of an integrated and community-based approach, the project will develop a multisectoral intervention model based on the capacity building of local actors and communities, aimed at reducing undernutrition in a global and sustainable way and ensuring the reduction impacts of climate change.


In phase 1, the organization identified direct and indirect beneficiaries in the Choam Khsan district of Preah Vihear. Some activities were tested during this phase, and new partnerships with village organizations, local authorities and provincial technical services solidified. During the second phase, the project will test an innovative model to improve nutritional resilience: The second phase will include communal development planning; household awareness raising efforts with regards to gender equality; education for mothers regarding good practices in nutrition and child care as well as support to the health system for identifying malnutrition; leading market interventions to improve sanitation practices; rehabilitation and construction of water storage infrastructure and rice banks, agricultural diversification; and advocacy at the national level, including the defining of a scaling model for the next phase. In phase three, a participatory piloting system and technical and financial monitoring will be put into place. In the fourth and final phase, through the results and lessons learned from the first three phases, Action Against Hunger will strengthen information, communication and advocacy activities with the government to participate in the development of the national policy to resolve gaps and improve nutritional resilience in Cambodia.

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