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Plan International (Plan) has partnered with Valid International and Jimma University to develop a critically needed study to gain insight into the short- and long-term impact of acute malnutrition on mortality and morbidity. The study will be implemented in Ethiopia's Jimma Zone, with complementary case management programming support conducted by Plan. Both the study and programming will be facilitated by Plan's experience and presence in Jimma Zone. Research will build on a 2013-2016 study conducted by Valid in partnership Jimma University and Save the Children. The proposed research will help identify both long-term trends and an appropriate package of interventions to accelerate catch-up growth and complete recovery after discharge from therapeutic feeding. As the project conducts research to describe long term health and nutrition outcomes of children with AM in terms of long term mortality, physical growth, disturbance of body composition and risk of metabolic syndrome, Plan will simultaneously conduct programming in the same woredas to increase the quality and consistency of CMAM services. Ultimately, the study will support the development of more effective treatment strategies to address severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and moderate acute malnutrition (MAM).

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IATI id: US-IRS-13-5661832-AID-OFDA-G-17-00162


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