Increase Mitigation, Productivity, and Adaptation through Climate-smart Techniques (IMPACT)

IMPACT will enhance household and community adaptive copacity to climate change using CARE's Community Based Adaptation approach to climate change. Through this platform the project will increase the adoption of climate-smart agriculture and increase agricultural production, diversify household production, diversify household production systems, and rebuild productive assets.


Lead Farmer training on the CBA and climate-smart techniques then the Lead Farmers will train other food security farmers in their communities. Seed vouchers will be provided and used during the rainfed seedfair and the winter seedfair. Irrigation training will take place in the last quarter of the project and farmers will be provided with tredle pumps.

Additional information

This program is being implemented by ADRA Malawi


  • Malawi


  • Agriculture
  • Food Aid
  • Humanitarian Aid

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