Improving and Expanding Our Responses to a New Policy Landscape that Threatens to Undermine the Global Missions and Oper

An unprecedented number of executive orders and actions have defined the early weeks of the Trump administration, including changes in requirements to global women’s health provisions, and immediate travel bans on residents from certain countries. Many such directives affect the missions and operational capacities of American NGOs abroad and here at home. Civil society’s role and responsibility in this increasing hostile environment are vital. InterAction is undertaking a bold response that extends beyond our traditional purview while leveraging our in-depth professional expertise. We intend to broaden our focus on several areas: domestic concerns and programs, our most at-risk members, and affirming their core values, right and principles. Thus, we are embarking on a three-pronged strategy to respond to and counter the large scale, multi-faceted threats to our sector’s work and our shared democratic values: • Coordinating and amplifying communications platforms • Focused support and advocacy for at-risk vulnerable NGOs • Importing practical lessons from abroad


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