Improving Household Livelihoods with Modern Beekeeping and Honey Production

This project is an expansion of previous training activities for traditional beekeepers to learn more modern beekeeping and honey production methods. The overall goal of this project is to improve livelihoods among traditional beekeepers in Tembaro Woreda through education and provision of improved beekeeping materials. The objectives are to • Enhance the community beekeeping sector by providing education and assistance in beehive modernization. • Incorporate more women into the sector. • Provide new income opportunities to participants by improving honey quality and yields and by developing other bee products suitable for market, such as wax, pollen, and propolis. • Establish honey cooperatives to further increase quantity and quality of production, decrease costs of production, and gain access to larger markets.


Activities include trainings, distribution of seeds for bee-friendly plant species, construction of hives and shelters and the purchase and delivery of equipment such as honey filter containers, honey storage containers, smokers, extractors and a wax stamping machine for cooperative use.

Cross-cutting issues

Gender, Livelihoods


  • Ethiopia>Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples


  • Economic Recovery and Development

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