Strengthening Keleta Secondary School Library and ICT Center

WEEMA International (WEEMA) works to provide educational resources, libraries with internet, school upgrades and early childhood literacy tools. Despite a population of over 137,000 residents, Tembaro Woreda has only one school located in the district capital that accommodates preparatory level students (grades 11 and 12). Keleta High School, located in the second largest town of the woreda, currently educates students from surrounding areas up until grade 10. The goal of this project is to improve access to quality information and educational resources for students of Keleta High School, and empower students to succeed in their education. Keleta High School will become the second school in the woreda to provide preparatory level courses thanks to local community and government contributions, and WEEMA’s role in establishing a new library and ICT facility required for the school to fully upgrade to provide preparatory level education.


• Construct one building with three rooms (library, office and ICT). • Equip and stock the library and ICT rooms for optimal operation and utilization by students and teachers. • Provide necessary library and ICT administrative, support including training and monitoring.

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