Digital Integrated Learning: Introducing early child literacy skills to pre-primary school children through a digital integrated learning approach

WEEMA International (WEEMA) works to provide educational resources, libraries with internet, school upgrades and early childhood literacy tools. Beginning in early 2016, WEEMA has worked with partners to implement tablet-based education tools for pre-primary school aged children in rural communities. The pilot project for this innovative approach began with forty children in a rural public library setting. Within twelve months, there was significant progress in literacy skills among the children. Following the success and lessons learned from the pilot, the “Digital Integrated Learning” project is now integrating similar tablet-based educational tools into two rural, community-led kindergartens. Implementation will also continue at the original site, Degale Public Library & Computer Center. The students’ interactions with the technology and literacy skills will be frequently assessed. The overall objective of the project is to increase access and quality of pre-primary education for children in rural areas of Tembaro Woreda in Kembata Tembaro Zone through introduction of an integrated digital literacy approach. Objectives include: • To integrate tablet-based education into regular classroom teaching and learning for children aged 5-6 and others with low literacy levels in community-led schools. • To improve the learning experience for children to be more engaging, fun and interactive, using mobile apps. • To assist teachers with tools and content to effectively deliver quality literacy to children in the 5-6 years age group.


This project will establish integrated digital learning in pre-primary schools in the rural areas of Tembaro Woreda by • Enrolling 280 children in two shifts in three sites. • Training ten teachers and providing course outlines for integrated digital learning methodology. • Providing follow-up support to the teachers. • Completing data collection and analysis regarding childrens’ tablet utilization and literacy skills.


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