USVI Hurricane Response

All Hands Volunteers is back on the ground in St. Thomas after being evacuated due to Hurricane Maria. Conditions have significantly deteriorated since before Maria hit with water supplies running low, long lines at the grocery stores with already bare shelves, security significantly increased and electricity out in most places. Most schools are damaged and families with means are trying to leave for the states so their kids can continue to go to school. People are stressed, exhausted and traumatized, but at the same time, full of appreciation and gratitude when they see us. We are working with Community Action Partners (CAN) to develop a plan to best meet the needs of the families and communities.


Our team is assessing the needs on the ground. Our plan is to launch our immediate response work of distributing critical supplies and clearing debris.


  • Virgin Islands, U.S.


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Humanitarian Aid