Inclusive Ixcan

The Inclusive Ixcán project will use the Graduation Approach to empower 350 participants, specifically girls, women, and people with disabilities. By increasing financial independence and agency and by connecting participants to others in their communities, relevant government services, and information about their sexual and reproductive rights and rights of people with disabilities, this project will support participants to escape extreme poverty and have a stronger role in the decisions that affect their lives. Trickle Up will build the capacity of the municipal of Ixcan to address the needs of their constituents using the Graduation Approach, extend the reach and impact of government social services to the poorest, and engage local rights-based NGOs and advocate for a supportive and inclusive environment for vulnerable women, girls, and people with disabilities.

Cross-cutting issues

Indigenous communities, disability inclusion


  • Guatemala>Quiche


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Social Services
  • Gender

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