Innovation Fellowship: Best Practices Matrix for Climate Forced Migration in Southern Louisiana

To implement the best-practices matrix with community members being the technical experts as well as implementers and to prototype a community land trust to secure property for immediate use and/or for future community resettlements.

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Combining best principles of human and environmental justice, we have developed a matrix that communities can use as they are considering adaptation measures; the matrix includes green, storm mitigation, perm-culture, diversity and measure considered by the trades as platinum standards. We are wanting to put these into practice with the community members being the technical experts as well as the implementers and evaluators so as to do best tech transfer. We are also looking at community land trusts to secure property for both immediate use and with land in northern realms that needs green-rejuvenation, retaining it for future community resettlements.


  • United States>Louisiana


  • Human Rights Democracy and Governance
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