Black Muslim Convening

To convene leaders from Black, Black Muslim, and Black Muslim immigrant communities to share strategies and build capacity to resist overlapping threats to their rights in the criminal justice, immigration, and national security systems.


The Black Muslim Convening aims to bring together Black community leaders from affected communities to explore overlapping oppressions and develop strategies to build capacity to support justice work in beleaguered Black Muslim communities. This convening will be a one day meeting of leaders working in Black Muslim communities with three main sessions that are carefully designed to facilitate full participation in brainstorming and develop actionable items that can be implemented. The full day program will begin with opening grounding and introductions, then presentation on criminalization. The two final sessions will focus on strategic planning and networking.

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Goals of the Black Muslim Convening: 1. To share information about the context of criminalization of Black Muslim communities, specifically how Black Muslims are targeted in the criminal justice system, immigration system, and national security system. 2. To center experiences and needs of local Black Muslim community organizations and determine best practices to support and provide legal protections for undocumented Muslims, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated Muslims. 3.To identify strategies and opportunities for collaborations, capacity building, community resilience.


  • United States>Michigan


  • Capacity Strengthening for CSOs (general)

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