Building Infrastructure for Community Defense

To build the capacity and infrastructure of the UndocuBlack Network to better protect Black undocumented communities.

Additional information

We are prioritizing two things in the upcoming year: organizing and training our people and developing our Network. In the upcoming year, we hope to intensify our outreach in Black undocumented communities, hold "Know Your Rights" and legal clinics and develop a Mental Wellness Initiative that is culturally competent to our unique needs. In addition to this, we will continue to work with partnering organizations to create, develop and disseminate information on educational, health and legal resources. Consequently, it is urgent that we build out UndocuBlack’s infrastructure and ensure that we, as directly affected people, have the resources and capacity to protect our communities.


  • United States>California
  • United States>District of Columbia
  • United States>Maryland
  • United States>New York
  • United States>Virginia


  • Capacity Strengthening for CSOs (general)

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