Una Hakika Misinformation Management Program Phase II Lamu

To implement the Una Hakika misinformation management system in Lamu County, Kenya, in the lead-up to Kenya's next general election in August 2017.

Additional information

Sentinel Project is in the midst of Phase 2 of the Una Hakika project, a misinformation management program being piloted in Kenya. Phase 2 was an expansion: deepening relations with local partners, becoming more sustainable, expanding from SMS to social media platforms, and working to mitigate rumors surrounding the 2017 election. Since 2016, UUSC has support the expansion to Lamu County, which is a coastal region of eastern Kenya with a population of more than 100,000 people. Insecurity caused by ethnic tensions between local groups and those perceived as unwelcome outsiders settling in the area, resource conflicts, the construction of a major port which is having disruptive environmental and economic impacts, and the county's proximity to Somalia and incursions from Al-Shabaab. This grant supports the final implementation phase of the misinformation management system (software, SMS channel, and toll-free line) through the final months leading up to the August 2017 election.


  • Kenya


  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution/Peace and Security

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