Food Security and Livelihoods

ARAHA provides a milking goats, a dairy cow, or a donkey and cart for poor families to generate income and become self-sufficient and successful. Our dairy goat project provides a steady supply of nutritious milk to children and the goats provide families with much-needed collateral to borrow money for business on the open market. Cost: $200 for two goats. The purpose of our dairy cow project is to provide the family a source of income by selling the milk as well as consuming it. A family can expect an average income to be $100 a month. COST: $500 per cow. The donkey cart project allows a family to obtain and sell water from the large water tank provided with each cart. The donkey provides a means of transporting water and goods so that they can be sold in the community. Income generation is expected to be over $100 per month. Cost: $750 for donkey cart and water tank.


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