Emergency Drought Response Project

By the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 severe drought hit in ARAHA's operational areas in the of horn Africa, mainly the drought has hit Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. ARAHA responded by distribution of food baskets and highly nutritive Manapack rice donated by our partner Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). ARAHA will make continuous situation assessment and close follow up of the situation and will continue to respond pending on availability of resources and funds. ARAHA has so far distributed more than 2,500 food baskets of ARAHA's food baskets (One food basket is an amount of ration that is enough family of six in one month, it contains rice, maize, sugar, cooking oil, canned milk, etc). The food baskets were distributed in all four countries of the horn of Africa namely, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. Moreover, five manapack rice 40 ft containers were sent to Somalia. Each container contains more than 272,000 meals. Additional 4 containers are offered to be shipped in the coming months.


  • Somalia>Banaadir
  • Somalia>Togdheer
  • Somalia>Awdal
  • Kenya>Marsabit
  • Sudan>Kassala
  • Ethiopia>Oromia
  • Somalia>Lower Shabeelle


  • Humanitarian Aid
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