Improved Services for Vulnerable Populations - Twiyubake

Twiyubake is a USAID funded program, also known as Improved Services for Vulnerable Populations (ISVP), being implemented by Global Communities, together with AVSI Rwanda, Path, Partners in Health, and a host of local partner NGOs. Under PEPFAR, programs supporting orphans and vulnerable children have evolved towards family centered and integrated approaches. These help link households with clinical services as well as other support services such as economic empowerment, nutrition, education, child protection and parenting skills. Twiyubake is a prime example of an integrated approach to OVC care which has the cross-cutting goal of building the capacity of local organizations and the Rwandan Government to sustain strategic responses even after the project finishes. Global Communities, the organization at the helm of this project, has brought together the international partners AVSI, Path, and Partners in Health, as well as a host of local partners, to contribute expertise and support the project's delivery. Twiyubake has begun working with 15,000 households in all ​15 districts in the first year, focusing on three sectors.


  • Rwanda


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Health
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