Through the FARE project, AVSI Uganda and partners including Retrak and COWA will demonstrate the power of an integrated model that address the issue of family breakdown and unnecessary child-family separation by working with child care institutions as well as with the communities and families. The goal is to reintegrate children back into appropriate and safe family care while also preventing additional separation.


FARE gives temporary material support to families and children while working to help strengthen communities and to accompany both the families and children in the reintegration process. Through partners of AVSI, such as Retrak Uganda, Naguru Remand Home, and Fruits of Charity, FARE will reach out to separated children living on the streets or in child care institutions. In addition to working directly with separated children and institutions, FARE will also work with their families to build resilience and social support networks. Families that are at-risk of child-family separation will be identified at the community level and will receive parenting and life skills training, psycho-social support, and referrals for additional services as needed. Economic strengthening activities will also be made available including apprenticeships and vocational training to youth, savings groups and training for marketable skills. FARE will also consider all the needs of the families and provide follow-up support.

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FARE focuses on the targeted districts of Wakiso and Kampala, the most populated in Uganda. FARE will directly benefit 2,400 children in Uganda over the course of two and a half years, and plans to impact 650 households.


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