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Under USAID’s Employment Training Project, Plan International USA (the Subcontractor) will lead implementation of Objective 3: Improved workforce readiness demonstrated by target at-risk youth. This objective seeks to improve the technical skills, soft skills, life skills, and other protective factors among the project’s target population as defined in the approved Year 1work plan that will help them to be competitive in the labor market. Integrating youth into the licit workforce requires that they are “workforce ready,” meaning they have the required soft and technical skills, knowledge, and capabilities to succeed. The term “soft skills” refers to the range of skills, competencies, behaviors, attitudes, and personal qualities that prepare a person to enter into and succeed in the workplace and that are neither academic nor technical. As part of a positive youth development (PYD) approach, the ETP team, led by Plan, must address and quantifiably measure the development of soft skills, developmental assets, and protective factors among target at-risk youth. The Subcontractor will be required to measure the attainment the key soft skills highly correlated to positive workforce outcomes: social skills, communication skills, and higher order thinking. Also important is evaluating the correlation between the attainment of those skills and workforce development outcomes such as employment status, income/wages, entrepreneurship, and self-employment.

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