Nepal Eastern Eye Care Extension

To build eye care capacity and service volume in our Eastern Nepal eye care network.


1) The launch and operation of a new District Eye Care Center ("DECC") at Itahari, Nepal. 2) Annually providing a combined total of eight surgical eye camps, 20 diagnostic and screening camps, eye exames to 50,000 K-12 school students, eye exams to another 50,000 people (of all ages) at local DECCs (with at least 60% of the patients being female) 2,500 cataract surgeries (with at least 55% being female), 3,600 prescription glass fittings, and 13,000 medical treatments. 3) Cataract patients achieving post-operative visual acuity of 6/18 or better. 4) Attaining a collective average of 80% sustainability.


  • Nepal


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