Nepal Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP)

In general, it is expected that Plan will provide the overall technical direction for IR 3, which includes training, monitoring and providing quality assurance to local NGOs as they implement their assigned activities; coordinating with Another Option in the execution of SBCC activities to assist with the alignment of messages for IR3 strategic direction and timing and modalities of delivery aligns with IR 3 activity roll out; and ensuring IR3 activities align with and reinforce the IR1 and IR2 component support to districts and schools. In the course of their support to NGOs, Plan regional staff are expected to allocate time to gather feedback on the implementation of IR1 and IR2 activities and forward their findings to the relevant Regional managers.

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IATI id: US-IRS-13-5661832-AID-OAA-I-14-00044 AID- 367-TO-15-00002


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