Zimbabwe HIV Care and Treatment Mechanism (ZHCT)

The strategic approach by ZHCT takes the community as the locus of HIV/AIDS service delivery with health facilities being integral parts of the communities where they are located. This approach seeks to establish a seamless relationship between PLHIV and health facilities thus enabling PLHIV to get most of the services that they need from within the community through well-defined linkages from the community to the facility and the facility to the community. In this regard, Plan International will support the establishment/strengthening of community based support structures for PLHIV and bring together existing community based health workers take part in the provision of services and establishing linkages between the health facility and the community. A key component of the project will be the introduction of HIV index case testing at community level as a basis for the identification and enrollment of HIV positives into care and treatment. Once index cases have been identified and consent to follow up has been obtained at point of testing, Plan International Community Program Facilitators (CPFs) will support index case disclosure process and prepare families of index cases for HIV testing which will be conducted by the Community Health Officer (CHO). The CPFs will also ensure linkages to further support and support completion of referral process to care and treatment.

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