Sustainable Comprehensive Responses for Vulnerable Children and their Families (SCORE)

The Sustainable COmprehensive REsponses (SCORE) for Vulnerable Children and their Families project is funded by USAID and implemented by AVSI Uganda with partners and works to support at-risk children by increasing the stability of households in 35 districts across five areas of Uganda (Central, East, East-Central, North and Southwest). SCORE's goal is to reach 25,000 households and to graduate a majority of these households from the project before the conclusion. Community based organizations, along with households themselves, will be active participants, relying on the support and guidance provided by SCORE Team members in their specific areas of technical expertise and geographic coverage. A coherent monitoring, evaluation and operational research plan integrates household level data ​into the program's design. This leads to important contributions in the understanding of the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the program approach. Each household is assessed in a holistic way at enrollment and on a regular basis along their participation in the project. Vulnerability and needs assessments provide insight into the households and guide the process of forming a household development plan together with each family. ​A personal understanding of the situation of each household is designed to be the first step in developing relationships, which is continued through home follow-up visits. The staff members aim to accompany each household as they find their path towards greater stability and well-being. SCORE marries time-tested principles with innovation in the following key elements of its approach:  - SCORE moves dramatically away from direct service delivery to a model of facilitation, capacity building, demand creation and strengthening of referral systems. The focus is on building resilience of individuals, families and communities. - A household approach is taken, beginning from a close-up understanding of the household’s individual vulnerabilities, assets and interests, and moving to the participatory design of household development plans. ​- The project implements activities through local organizations who are embedded in the communities. These organizations serve as a stable point of contact for households across all service areas, and therefore within a holistic framework of support. - SCORE embraces a family approach, taking stock of the uniqueness (in terms of needs and resources) of each beneficiary household. The household is supported as first line of prevention and response for the child’s vulnerability. - SCORE orients participating households towards GRADUATION from the project starting at the beginning. GRADUATION is celebrated by the project and all partners and has become a real goal - both ambitious and attainable - for families.


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