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To expand CIVIC’s national hotline for immigrants in U.S. immigration detention in order to end isolation, maximize attorney referrals, document and report human rights abuses, and challenge detention.

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The goal of this project is to expand CIVIC’s existing National Immigration Detention Hotline to provide pro bono phone calls to immigrants in all or nearly all detention facilities in the United States, eventually with the goal of answering all incoming phone calls. This will allow people in detention centers across the country to contact their loved ones, connect to a CIVIC visitor volunteer or pen pal, receive attorney referrals and information about their legal rights, and build strong cases to challenge their detention. In addition to these forms of direct assistance, the expanded hotline also will enable CIVIC to monitor conditions in detention, obtain data, document abuse, and collect stories from people in detention. This increased knowledge will be of use in advocating for policy change and in building public awareness.


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