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Titukuke ndi Chilengedwe ndi Magetsi is US government-funded project through Millenium Challenge Account and is being implemented in Traditional Authority (T/A) Symon in Neno district. It is a three year project running from June 2016 – 31st July 2018. The project is being implemented in seven sections of Agriculture Extension Planning Area of Lisungwi. The overarching goal of this project is to contribute to reducing costly power disruptions and ensure sustainability and increased efficiency of Malawi’s hydropower generation. Specifically the project seeks to develop a positive mindset among communities towards management of natural resources and the environment in the upper and middle Shire River basin areas, and to contribute to wider learning throughout Malawi; improve livelihoods of the targeted communities through promotion of environmentally-friendly agriculture and income-generating activities; and to promote community engagement so as to improve joint decision making, women’s and men’s empowerment and sustainable management of natural resources through proven participatory methodologies.


This project titled “Titukuke ndi Chilengedwe ndi Magetsi” which is literary translated “Growth through environment and electricity”. Target area will be Lisungwi- Mwetang’ombe area in TA Symon in Neno district which is one of the areas facing serious problems of environmental degradation.

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Lastly, THP works with each community to construct a secure and treated community food bank, which can store the harvest from the demonstration farm, reimbursements from the Agriculture Revolving Loan Fund, and even individual harvests for safe-keeping. The food bank is managed by a local Food Security Committee, which oversees the operations of the entire program; each committee is made up of equal numbers of men and women and is democratically elected by the epicenter populations.

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Environment, Community Development, Gender and economic empowerment


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