Adventures in Reading

Adventures in Reading is a school-break reading program sponsored by Child Aid and hosted at schools and community libraries in Guatemala. Children in Guatemala typically have very limited access to books and few opportunities to read, especially outside of the classroom. As a result, students often lose reading and learning proficiency during vacation periods. During the annual school break in October and November, Adventures in Reading program gives children access to books and opportunities to continue developing their reading skills while school is not in session. In 2016, 73 schools and libraries hosted the four-week programs with an average of 3-4 sessions per week. Participants enjoy read-aloud sessions, literacy games, writing activities and time for independent reading and exploring new books. This program reached approximately 2,350 students of various ages and helped encourage parents and teachers to actively promote reading for children in their homes, schools and communities.


Training Workshops. Each year, child Aid runs two full-day Adventures in Reading workshops to train school and library staff learn how to set up, run and promote the program in their local community. They also learn how to plan and run a variety of literacy games and activities for participating children at all reading levels. Staff Support During the program, Child Aid’s literacy trainers provide additional support to partner schools in the Reading for Life program. They attend daily sessions at the schools, helping run activities and providing individualized training for teachers. Books Each participating school and library receives a packet of 50 new books they can use for Adventures in Reading activities and to supplement their book collections.


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