Anglican Church of Tanzania's Zonal Strategic Development Initiative- Institutional Strengthening

For several years, ACT has held consultation meeting with regional Anglican leaders, diocesan staff, donors and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for strengthening ACT's provincial development program and to strengthen its coordination of and advocacy for diocesan collaboration in all facets of Church life (i.e. development, mission, evangelism, etc.). ACT passed a resolution during the 2014 Synod in line with its "New Vision for Development", which involves professionalizing and rebranding as "Anglican Community Development Services (ACDS)". During the 2015 Synod the National Plan of Zonal Model was approved by the Standing Committee. In 2016, ACT developed a written proposal for facilitating the process of clustering the Province's 27 dioceses into 5 development zones (i.e. Central, North Eastern, Southern, Western and Lake Zones). This zonal approach brings together all of the different departments of the Dioceses to work together within a common framework. This approach allows for greater opportunities in terms of amassing and attracting funds for development programs; providing a larger and more diverse pool of talent, skills and experience of Diocesan staff and other local stakeholders; achieving and demonstrating positive results, sustainable impact and scale with community development programs. The first zonal strategic development workshop, set for October 18-22, is organized for the Central Zone, which includes the Dioceses of Central Tanganyika, a longstanding partner of Episcopal Relief & Development; Rift Valley; Kondoa; Mpwapwapa and Ruaha. Five representatives from each diocese will participate, including the Bishop; Diocesan Secretary; Development Coordinator; Mothers' Union / Women's Coordinator; and Youth Coordinator. The meeting will be facilitated by ACT General Secretary Johnson Chinyong'ole, and another provincial office staff member. The objectives of the workshop are for the Diocesan teams to share where they've been, where they are and where they want to go in terms of their role in local community, regional and higher level social development efforts, education, evangelism and other Church intervention areas. This sharing will allow for the teams to identify and discuss commonalities in their current and desired programs; their assets and needs; and specific strategies; thereby opening the door for collaboration and possibly joint programming. By the end of the workshop the unified central zone team will nominate or elect a Zonal Board and Zonal Coordinator.


Central Development Zone members elect a Zonal Coordinator, Diocesan teams share experiences and hopes for their work in local communities, regionally and nationally, Central Development Zone members nominate or elect a Zonal Board, ACT Provincial Office reports on Central Development Zone strategy meeting process, results and next steps to Episcopal Relief & Development, ACT Provincial staff organize and facilitate Central Development Zone strategy development meeting

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