Strengthening SUDRA Programme in South Sudan

Our partnership with the Sudanese Relief and Development Agency (SUDRA) has two components. One component includes the emergency response following the outbreak of violence in December 2013, and the second component relates to the operational management and restructuring of the SUDRA organization. With the outbreak of violence on December 15, 2013, the young nation of South Sudan has been engaged in a defacto civil war between forces loyal to the current President, Salva Kir and the former Vice President Riek Machar. Although attempts at cessation of hostilities have been partly successful, various new militant groups have emerged and the security situation continues to be very fluid. Within this context, The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, commissioned an Emergency Crisis Committee under SUDRA. SUDRA/ECC serves to oversee and provide technical assistance to the relief activities facilitated by SUDRA. As SUDRA is designed as a coordinating body and an implementing agency, the emergency response has relied heavily on the diocesan DRR teams, which Episcopal Relief & Development had trained several years ago. This is a positive development and demonstrates the practical application of the training. SUDRA's Emergency Response is supported by various funding agencies, coordinated by the Anglican Alliance. Episcopal Relief & Development is playing a critical role as the lead agency in this collaborative effort. 2016 saw the end of the Emergency Response with the completion of the impact and process evaluation. The second component of our partnership is the continued support of the SUDRA organization. In 2016, Episcopal Relief & Development is funding about 30% of the administrative budget of the SUDRA office (down from 40% in 2015). Episcopal Relief & Development supported a strategic planning process in 2013, and out of that process the SUDRA Board has adopted several new policies and procedures that served to restructure SUDRA operations. New leadership was also recruited. With a new strategic plan and new leadership, a key objective of 2016 is the build ownership of SUDRA at the diocesan level through the accompaniment of disaster response efforts. While the larger Emergency Crisis Appeal has closed, there are smaller skirmishes in more isolated dioceses that SUDRA will provide technical assistance and build diocesan relationships. A final key component of the 2016 plan, is for the SUDRA to oversee the final activities of the Health Commission as the multi-partner program ends in 2016. This programme is also funded by the Anglican Board of Mission-Australia. A final evaluation was completed in April 2016, and an exit strategy is set to be completed by October 2016.


Restore a governance mechanism by facilitating two SUDRA Board meetings, Maintain 6 staff and facilitate the office administration and operations, Coordination of a relief responses as part of the Anglican Alliance appeal in Juba, Kajo-Keji, Lainya, Mundri, Yei and Wau for a total of 14,400 persons, Monitoring and report writing of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan's second phase emergency response to the political crisis that includes activities related to continued relief, reconciliation, trauma counseling and long term recovery, Supervise the transfer of Health Commission assets and monitoring processes to the local diocese for management of the respective Primary Health Care Units, Oversee the Health Commission's hand-over process, with inventory checks, report writing, filing of documents and exit interviews with management, Monitor the Health Commission's final activities including fencing of Torit Primary Health Care Unit and construction of clinic toilet (with plumbing and drainage system) in Wau Primary Health Care Unit, Provide funding for the Health Commission to enable transition of the employment of clinic staff to local government payroll and the transfer of assets to diocesan offices

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