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CAPA is an instrument of the Anglican Communion in Africa that provides the space and opportunity for synergy within and through the Church in order to affirm and celebrate the witness of Christian life in the continent. Inspired by the values of common faith, CAPA proclaims and acts on the agenda of spiritual, social, political and economic transformation, hence harvesting all the initiatives of the Church to re-articulate her prophetic mandate in the midst of the contradictions facing Africa and the World. Over the years, CAPA has developed and successfully implemented various programs and plans in response to the needs of the Provinces and Dioceses. Through a consultative process CAPA has developed their current strategic plan (2011- 2015) that focuses on: 1- Formation of compassionate and Accountable leadership; 2- Healing forgiveness and renewal for just and peaceful society; 3- Stewardship of resources for socio-economic emancipation; 4- Advancement of critical theological reflection and action; 5- Community health and HIV and AIDS; and 6- New frontiers of advocacy and discernment. 2016 is CAPA’s transitional year between their former and new strategic plan. As such, they are targeting the completion of two key activities: The training of new Bishops from areas including the Central, Southern and Eastern Africa provinces, and conducting CAPA’s Standing Committee meeting (in August) to elect new office bearers.


Activity 1.2: Include within the workshop sessions to deepen understanding of issues in Islam and Christianity and reflect on the shared responsibility of promoting peaceful coexistence and transformational development in Communities. To this end, CAPA will work with PROCMURA, a pan Africa Christian organization dedicated to Christian Constructive engagement with Muslims in witness, mutual tolerance, and the promotion of religious freedom., Activity 1.3: Include within the workshop sessions to enable participants to understand urban dynamics and how to witness in an increasingly urbanizing world. To this end, CAPA will work with the Church Army Africa, a Pan African organization dedicated to evangelism in urban communities., Activity 1.1: Conduct orientation workshop in Zanzibar at which key areas that impact the role of Bishop will be covered, including: - Servant and accountable leadership; - Team approaches to ministry; - Provision of holistic ministries and strategic positioning of the Church in society; - Effective engagement by the leaders with centers of influence within the media and government; - Effective engagement with families and communities to improve food security and stewardship of the environment., Activity 2.2: Election of new Standing Committee officers and members., Activity 2.1: Conduct council meeting where reports and a draft of the new strategic plan will be presented and reviewed, and recommendations received for future incorporation., Activity 2.3: Experience the progress being made to overcome the set-backs of the church’s witness in Rwanda, a country known as the birth place of the East African revival, where ethnic tensions have led to genocide, and where the church failed in her witness.

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