Inclusive education for children with disabilities, particularly girls, in Kinshasa

• Overall objective: Developing an active policy on disabled children’s education in the DRC and the revision of inclusive practices to help these children. • Specific objective: The development of a national inclusive education policy; the inclusion of disabled children in schools and districts in the province of Kinshasa.


• Improving access to inclusive education for children with disabilities, especially girls, by working more closely with the Ministry for Primary, Secondary and Professional Education (MEPSP) and developing a legal framework. The project will also consolidate our work in 10 schools in 40 municipalities in Kinshasa, in 2 of the city’s 3 provinces. By providing support to the MEPSP, the project will also help develop an active and sustainable national policy before applying the model to the rest of the DRC. • To reduce discrimination towards the parents of children with disabilities and to avoid the stigmatization of these children outside schools, the project will raise the awareness of all parents and provide them with information on disability. Parents will play an active role in facilitating inclusive education and will help make primary education accessible to everyone. • The project will also strengthen the skills of government actors within the education system (such as through quality control) and education staff - teachers, head teachers, inspectors, etc. - to ensure they are better able to develop teaching resources and educational activities for children with disabilities.


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