Inclusive Education (APPEHL: Promoting the full participation of children with disabilities through education) - Regional

The goal of the project is to: • Promote access of all children to primary education by helping the government, local operators and disabled people’s organisations jointly develop more inclusive education policies. • Improve access to quality education for children with disabilities and prepare them for full involvement in their communities in the provinces of Kadiogo, Boulgou and Seno.


This project is implemented by: • Training community partners (people who can take action within their communities (with whom Handicap International works in close collaboration) in different fields (social, education etc.). These people generally form part of local networks or organizations. • Raising awareness of the importance of the inclusion of children with disabilities in schools and training stakeholders in the education sector (teachers, Ministry of Education and Literacy, parent-teacher associations etc.). • Strengthening mechanisms for the inclusion of children with disabilities in schools, in particular by providing follow-up on three levels: educational (to ensure the child is able to keep up in class), social (to monitor their inclusion) and health (monitoring their disability and care management).

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The lessons learned from this project will be distilled into best practices to encourage implementation at national and regional level.


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